Monday, July 7, 2014

Sitting On A Gold Mine

After working here, at Rockwood Mill Shoppes, since April one would think that I have acquainted myself with the building quiet well.   One would think.....  Yesterday, Judy and I had a meeting like we do most weeks.   At this meeting we were asked if we ever thought about actually advertising the antique architure of the building.   Our answer, after stuttering, "No".

So, today once I arrived at work I started to look around the building.  You know the one I have worked in for almost 3 months!  I started to recognize things that I never did before, pocket doors that look amazing, beams that look brand new, wood floors with stories I can only imagine and brick walls that probably have heard more than their fare share of train whistles.    It is a gold mine of history.  

Once I pulled out the pocket doors it hit me, these doors that once separated the lumber showroom from the lumber mill have probably met many of my ancestors and heard stories upon stories of our town.   What, when, who are the scratches from?  Are there pictures of these doors from way back when?   All these answered interest me.   Seriously imagine if you could go back in time when this door was installed?  Life would be so different.

The beams for the ceilings are even interesting.   They look brand new considering they are as old as the building.   I would expect quality wood here, because it was a lumber mill, but in this excellent of shape is a surprise.  Penrose Wolf did keep some of the best lumber for his business and his home.  But seeing the wood work today and knowing it is over 100 years old is unbelievable.  

I took the advice from the consultant at our meeting and started posting pictures online of the building.   You truly wouldn't believe the response that I have gotten to the pictures.   People are interested in everything old including the quarks of the building.  I love the building but to know that someone else shares the interest of secrets the walls keeps, is priceless.

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