Thursday, July 17, 2014

Seeing Things In A Different Light

Have you ever walked past something a million times and didn't take notice to its details, beauty, or the item in general?   Have you ever said something everyday of your life and one day after you say it you realize that it has significant meaning beyond what you use it for?   Well this week has been full of those moment.

On Monday a lovely group of bikers came through from Canada.  They didn't have thick accents so it wasn't obvious where there origin was.   That is until after I gave them a tour of the Opera House and returned to the Mill Shoppe Cafe.   Patty, Alex, and me ( all employees of Rockwood Mill Shoppes as well as locals) were talking to the group of three females and one male from Canada.   The subject of breakfast came up.   I thought the male asked "Do you know what a butter turd is?".  I laughed and responded with a somewhat sassy, "You are kidding me right!?  My father-in-law asks me questions like this all of the time!"   His wife grinned from ear to ear realizing what I assumed he said.   Then the man said "A butter tart."

Oh the embarrassment!  I could have crawled into the nearest hole.    Lucky for me the man's wife laughed and said that she did indeed hear "butter turd" too.   The conversation quickly moved to other words that we Pennsylvanians have made up and use everyday.    Gob - That was our next bakery word.  The Canadian tourist had never heard of it nor seen one.   When Patty held one up and asked if they had seen one or if they had,  what do they call it, the wife replied "TOO MUCH!!!"  We all laughed.   I guess in an American way we all have super sized everything in a ridiculous way.   Probably to the point of unhealthy proportion or wastefulness.   After that our travelers decided that it was time to head over to set up their tents for the evening.   We do hope to see them again.   They were a delightful bunch.

As far as seeing an item over and over and not noticing details, well during one of my Opera House tours just that happened.    I can say with complete sincerity that I give at least 6 tours a week.  One would assume that after 50 some tours I could draw a picture to detail, of the Opera House with my eyes closed.   I know I would assume that I could.

As I was giving a tour one of the tourists points to the beams above me and asked if the beams held wooden pegs.   If I wouldn't have looked up before opening my mouth I would have replied with a NO.   But something in me made me look up.  Good thing because there were wooden pegs.  To you the reader this may not be a big deal unless you are either a history buff or an architec, but to me someone who takes pride in my job, the building that I work in, that employs me, it is a huge deal.   If I had said no I would have misinformed them.   Knowing this and seeing the pegs now brings out more beauty and questions to me.   How long did it take to put up and erect this beautiful building?   Who's hands made that one peg?   How many shows and what shows have that peg seen?

Instead of speeding through life slow down and take it in.   Notice the difference in you and your neighbor.   See everything for what it is.   Not for what you assume it is.   You just may learn something or change your life.

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