Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Big announcement of the summer!!!

A couple new announcements to talk about.   First and probably the most exciting to the avid bikers, east of the Mississippi, Amtrak, announced late, last week that by 2015, they are going to have roll on cars for bicycles!  This is huge news for trail towns, trail supporters and of course trail patrons.

 Most people don't realize how much money it cost to ship your bike from wherever you live to your destination and then pick it up.   Some may say "Why don't you just rent a bike for the trip?".  The answer is that for the avid bike rider that does bike trails regularly, their bike is sometimes the only tool and method of survival they have for days at a time.   These "bikes" cost thousands of dollars and aren't something that you buy at your local Walmart.   So, renting one isn't normally in the cards.   Granted, car rental companies may loose a little business but "us" small towns, with Mom and Pop shops are going to hopefully thrive from this and the granting of future platform stops in our towns just may set the stage for the growth we have all been hoping for.

Next on our announcement agenda, Makenna Lape, one of our Mill Shoppe Pizza employees, received her permanent R.N. License.   We are all proud of her!  She has worked here since she was 16 years old, putting herself through nursing school.   She hasn't left us yet, although we all know a bitter sweet ending is coming. A new chapter in her life and the ending of a chapter in her employment here with us.   We all wish her well but will miss her extremely as well as hope for her to visit.

The Greenway Sojourn came through at the end of last week along with Scout Crew 228 from Dublin, Ohio.   It was exhaustingly busy.  We met many people and were provided with a free concert from Crew 228.  These young men were well mannered.  They requested a tour of the Mill Shoppe building.  When the tour reached the Opera House stage they requested to borrow it.   Judy abliged.   We were graced with heavenly hymnals from these young men.

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