Thursday, June 19, 2014

What a show!

 Let me start by saying that I was not expecting such a .....well exciting show!   There were senior citizens stuffing dollar bills down the baby faced, silk shirt of college aged Ricky Howsare.   This young ,Voice Major, can hit the notes of Elvis, while shaken his hips the same.    It drove those women nuts!

I have been to many concerts of all genres.   So my level of "crazy" is a bit high.   After yesterday's brunch concert oh you better believe I have a whole new view of how the senior population can get down with it.    They can give my generation a run for their money.    But don't get me wrong there were all generations.

Not only was Ricky Howsare a singer with a magical voice, but a performer.   He interacted with the crowd the whole show.   In return the crowd was singing back lyrics to him.   If you would have closed your eyes, you could have felt taken back to the 60's to a field concert with lighters flaming, girls wearing cardigans and black and white shoes and the boys wearing button up shirts and slicked back hair.  

All and all it was an amazing show.   If you hear of Ricky Howsare playing at the Opera House again be sure to get your ticket quick.   We sold out this time.  

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