Tuesday, June 17, 2014

If these walls could talk!

  I need to first start out with Rockwood Mill Shoppes & Opera house is a renovated old lumber, feed and opera house.   It was built in the 1800's by Penrose Wolfe as a lumber mill with the opera house on top then later sold in the 1900's to the Friedlines for be converted to a feed mill.    Finally in 2000 it became what it is today with a lot of elbow grease and dedication by Judy and Terry Pletcher along with their family.  

  On to if walls could talk.........   Many of the traveling perform that come through today tell us "fishing tales" of ghost stories they claim to see upstairs.    Of noises that they hear.    None of us employees have ever heard or seen anything, just to set the record straight.

  When remodeling upstairs there was a phrase written on the wallpaper that said "remember the San Francisco fire of 1917."   Needless to say that piece of wallpaper was salvaged and framed to be out in our safe.   Can you imagine the shows and the people from all over they carried here?   Oh I can!  

Down stairs in present day we still have famous people come through.  Weather it be a local celebrity or a world renowned one that holds us to secrecy while they are traveling the GAP with a scraggly beard and up recognizable clothing.     Again we are back to if these walls could talk......

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